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4017 Progressive Ave, Lincoln, NE 68507

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Stage Combat Choreography, Consultation, and Training.

Specializing in Educational Theatre.


Workshops for Small and Large Groups

Stage Combat Training for Thespians of all ages, packaged in workshop format. Workshops focus on particular kinds of violence including: Domestic Violence, Roughneck Brawling, Technical Fighting, and Various Weapons Styles. Workshops can be designed around your group’s particular needs.

Combat Choreography Consultation

Already have a combat design and trained performers? Great. But things don’t just look quite right? Sometimes another set of eyes and a bit of adjustment is all a show needs to get those scenes to feel real.

Combat Choreography Design

Stage Violence must be part of a story and must tell a story. Let Three Esses block your stage combat and violent actions. Anything from brief individual conflict to large scale battles benefit from expert design. Do you need comedy? sensational exhibitions? brutal realism? Any mode and mood is possible.

Combat Choreography Direction

In addition to designing and blocking stage combat. Three Esses will provide specific instruction, training and direction for combatants involved in your production.

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Domestic Violence:

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