Electronic Dojang

To help support members’ training during extended periods of quarantine, we will provide remote instruction. We are currently formulating a plan and will roll out content to keep you on your martial arts journey, connected with your Chung Do Kwan peers and instructors, and to give you and your families something to do to help stave off the stress and cabin-fever caused by the current pandemic. Check back periodically for information on how to access the electronic dojang.

Welcome to the Electronic Dojang. Please view the Invitation Video Posted Below.


Our Electronic Dojang has Three Digital Training Halls.

Talks & Meditations focuses on developing mindfulness, companionship for your martial arts journey, short lessons about martial arts history and philosophy, and meditation and breathing exercises. This is our mindset and guidance center.

Workouts invites you train along with us. Workout routines of varying lengths with different target goals and audiences appear here. This is our virtual fitness center.

Instructions & Specific Training focuses on building specific techniques, ranging from “how to’s” (to help students keep up with some of faster-paced movements in the Workouts section) to specific technique, pattern, and skill sets for advancement in our program. This is our skills development center.

Use the links above or at the top of the page to choose the digital training hall you want to enter. Thank you for visiting our Electronic Dojo.

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