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City of Lincoln Mask Ordinance and what it means for our Taekwondo School.

Today, Mayor Gaylor Baird issued a mask ordinance for the city of Lincoln. In short: the DHM requires all individuals to wear a mask if they go into a facility that’s open to the public, unless six feet of distance can be achieved and guaranteed at all times. The DHM will remain in effect from July 20 to Aug. 31.

Exceptions to the rules include the following:

Individuals ages five and younger.
If exercising.
If eating or drinking at bars or restaurants.
If individuals have a medical condition.
If presenting or broadcasting or giving speech.
Anyone seeking state/county services.

This means all individuals entering and leaving our Taekwondo School must wear a mask except when exercising. Students may remove masks when we bow in and formally begin class. Students may bring a sealable bag to keep their masks in for the duration of class. Students will wear masks after we bow out and end class until they get outside and at least 6 feet away from our doors.

For more information about the mask ordinance:…/live-at-330pm-lincolns-response-…/The Directed Health Measure begins Monday.

We know there are growing concerns around Covid-19 and we are closely following the CDC, World Health Organization, and state and county health offices for updates.
We will continue to offer you a place to exercise and practice martial arts, yet we also want to make sure that our facility is as safe as possible for our students, instructors, and guests.

One of the benefits of exercise and martial arts training is reducing stress and we all have great need for keeping routines and managing our fears during high-stress events like this.

We want to assure you that we are being as proactive as we can when it comes to disinfection protocols responsible action regarding COVID-19.

Over the weekend of March 14 -15, we disinfected the high-traffic areas of the school: office & entry way, seating, bathroom, and shared equipment: bags, weights, etc.

We are open and offering training as normally scheduled; however, we will discontinue the use of shared sparring gear for the foreseeable future. We will also limit physical contact practices including sparring, self-defense, and one-steps. We will continue to practice bag-work though we will include a disinfectant regimen whenever we use shared equipment.

We will increase cleaning protocols to ensure all common areas as well as all doorknobs are cleaned regularly with disinfectant. And we will make disinfectant solutions available for students to use before and after class.

If you have been storing personal gear at the taekwondo school, we ask you collect it and keep it at home.

We ask all instructors and students to wash their hands both before and after class.

The CDC recommends everyday preventive actions to avoid the spread of respiratory disease—wash your hands frequently and distance yourself from those who are coughing or sick.

If you aren’t feeling well, we ask that you please stay home from class for your wellbeing and that of your fellow students and instructors.

Follow CDC Guidelines and avoid coming to class if:

  • You, or someone you have had contact with traveled to a Level 2 or Level 3 location, based on the CDC Global Map(which may change frequently). The recommendation by the CDC is to self-quarantine for 14 days after you return to the United States, or first had contact with the individual who traveled there.
  • If you have been exposed to the coronavirus or have visited a facility known to have treated patients with coronavirus, please contact your healthcare professional and/or your local Health Department for instructions. The recommendation by the CDC is to self-quarantine for 14 days after you return to the United States, or first had contact with the individual who traveled there.

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