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4017 Progressive Ave, Lincoln, NE 68507

Get started today

4017 Progressive Ave, Lincoln, NE 68507

Covid-19 Updates

Check our Blog for the most recent updates, changes to schedules, and information about closure and cancellation.

Lincoln and Lancaster County are under a mask ordinance. This ordinance provides an exception for fitness centers.

Persons in our office and observation areas should abide by country health directives and wear a mask.

Persons in our exercise area are not required to wear a mask. We will conduct training in a traditional fashion

We will return to lining up for class by rank, rather than by family group.

We will resume contact practices including sparring, one-steps, self-defense, and close-quarters training.

We will use shared equipment including: weights, jump ropes, mats, rip cords, target bags, heavy bags, and weapons.

All students must provide their own sparring gear (we can arrange orders through Century Martial Arts Supply) in order to spar. We will no longer provide shared sparring gear.

Any student may opt out of any exercise if that student (or guardian) feels the exercise puts the student at unnecessary risk. We will do our best to provide distance or individualized training options.