Summer Taekwondo

Social Distance Testing the week of July 27th to August 1st.

We all need something to work for. We are happy to announce our next rank testing will be held the week of July 27 – August 1st. We will schedule individual or family testing in 30 – 40 minutes blocks to maintain your safety. You may invite members of your family to come and watch. Contact elements of testing will be eliminated–no sparring, no self-defense. Students will perform one-steps and kicking one-steps without partners or with family members from the same house-hold. Required board breaks will be arranged on cinder blocks by the student or held by family members.

If you are ready to test, contact one of our instructors and arrange a time. Testing does not have to occur during normal class hours.

To help you prepare for your next rank, we would like to remind you of our current class offerings and schedule.

We have in-person classes Mon, Wed, and Thu evenings from 6 – 7 PM and Saturdays from 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM.

We also offer live-streaming classes on Monday and Tuesday Evenings from 6 -7 PM via our Facebook page.

We occasionally offer simultaneous streaming of our Saturday afternoon classes as well.

Social Distance and Sanitation Procedures for in-person classes.

We are making every effort to make our taekwondo school as safe as possible for in-person instruction. This includes:

  1. No contact drills, no sparring, no self-defense, no one-steps with partners
  2. No bag work or shared equipment–including target and heavy bags, jump rope, ripcords, weights, and community weapons
  3. Change in “line up.” We do not line up by rank, but arrange students around the room to maximize personal space. Students who live in the same household stand near one-another regardless of rank. We can have 12 – 15 students in class and maintain 6 feet of distance.
  4. Change in water break. Students bring their water bottles with them to the floor and keep them nearby to minimize “grouping” during breaks.
  5. More frequent sanitizing of common surfaces: we bleach light switches, door knobs, and bathroom fixtures before and after every class. Bleach spray, Clorox Wipes, and Lysol spray are available for student use if students have concern about touching surfaces.
  6. No chairs in spectator area. To reduce crowding, we ask visitors do not sit in our spectator area, but instead remain in vehicles outside the school or drop-off and pick up students. Parents who prefer to stay and watch training may do so, we encourage these spectators to wear masks and keep their distance.
  7. Students may wear masks during in training if they choose, but are not required to do so.

While these policies do not eliminate the risk of COVID-19 spread at our taekwondo school, we can reduce that risk.

We understand not all our students feel comfortable returning to an in-person class; but we hope to see some of you back on the floor.

Master Mike Catron, Master Hilary Catron, Master Shawn Labadie, and Ms. Amanda Witte

Spring Kids’ Classes Cancelled

We are not able to guarantee meeting Lincoln guidelines for social distancing during kids’ classes. Unfortunately this means the April – May Heart of the Bear Taekwondo for Kids’ session is cancelled.

We can offer individual and family instruction. If you are interested in arranging private lessons for your children or participating in a family-based class, please contact us.

Reducing Hours

We will be closed Monday 23 March. We will also likely close Tuesday 24 March. Master H. Catron will live stream a class at 6:00 PM via our Facebook Page @chungdokwanlincoln. The live stream video will be available in the Workouts section of our Electronic Dojang as soon as possible.

Given Master H. Catron’s work at UNMC, it is possible her hours will become unpredictable. Bear with us as we adjust to the changing realities of this pandemic.

Covid-19 Response

As our city and county work to control the spread of Covid-19 in our community, Chung Do Kwan Taekwondo will stay abreast of information from the Lancaster County Health Department and other official state agencies.

We will maintain a limited schedule–and perhaps long-term closings–during the next several weeks as we come to understand more about about the spread and risk of Covid-19 in our city.

At present:

Thursday night: 6 – 7 (Open)

Saturday 14 March: 11:30 – 1 Open Class–Cancelled.

Monday 16 March: 6:00 – 7 (Open)

We intend to update the school’s hours day-by-day. Please follow us on Facebook Pages to get the most recent information.

At present, previously contracted individual events: self-defense classes, birthday parties, remain as scheduled. Email or message us directly with specific questions.

Be well,

Masters Michael Catron, Hilary Catron, & Shawn Labadie

We will Be Moving in January

We will move to a new location January 28, 2019.

The new location is just about 9 blocks West of our current school on 57th street.

The new address–as of January 28–will be.
4017 Progressive Avenue (just West of 48th Street in between Hwy 6 and Superior Ave)
There is parking in front and behind the building.

It’s easier to turn South of Superior and take Progressive toward 48th than it is to turn left off 48th onto Progressive during peak traffic.


Heart of the Bear Summer Session: 2 Bonus Classes

Heart of the Bear: Taekwondo for Kids

Kids’ Classes focus on developing basic taekwondo skills and etiquette in a fun, kid-friendly, and safe environment. Open to students 5-6 years old, kids’ classes run in six week sessions that teach rudimentary strikes, blocks, and stances. Kids’ class works to improve agility, flexibility, coordination, and confidence. Heart of the Bear also prepares young martial artists for our open classes.

Walk-ins are welcome, but Kids’ Classes have limited enrollment–contact us to secure your spot.

Kids’ Class Summer Session Schedule:

Master Kwoam-FINAL
Heart of the Bear


Summer Session: 8 Classes for the Price of 6

(1) Saturday, July 7 10:30–11:20 A.M.

(2) Saturday, July 14 10:30–11:20 A.M.

(3) Wednesday, July 18 5:00–5:50 P.M.*–Bonus Class

(4) Wednesday, July 25 5:00–5:50 P.M.*–Bonus Class

(5) Saturday, Aug 4 10:30–11:20 A.M.

(6) Saturday, Aug 11 10:30–11:20 A.M.

(7) Saturday, Aug 18 10:30–11:20 A.M.

(8) Saturday, Aug 25 10:30–11:20 A.M.–Skills Demonstration and Certification Ceremony


Also Consider the Upcoming Fall Session: Oct 6 — Nov 10

Class Times: 10:30–11:20 A.M. on Saturdays